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15th-Jan-2011 09:43 pm - ミ★ 44 icons } stock&boa&skins.
tsn/tgwtdt} stop & rebuild your ruins

♥x08 -- BoA
♥x08 -- Skins; Effy
♥x28 -- Stock; La belle personne; Black Swan

young and tragic.Collapse )

merlin} & i do miss your surly retorts.
quick batch made after watch the Season 3 Premiere <3

♥x18 -- Merlin (Season 3)

what the hell is a dollophead, anyways. xDCollapse )
tscc;dh} living (in the human heart)
I went to FanExpo on Sunday and got to meet Summer and get an autograph!  I felt super lucky considering I was the second-last person to meet her before she went off to do her photo-op. ><

When I met her, I was all nervous and flustered.  Lordy is she even more gorgeous in real life, her skin is so clear and like translucent almost O_O..


I also asked her about the Terminator movie..Collapse )

+ more picturesCollapse )

11th-Apr-2010 02:36 pm - ミ★ 85 icons; o1wallie&o1poster
tsn/tgwtdt} stop &amp; rebuild your ruins
♥x48 -- Merlin
♥x12;01 -- Maki Horikita (Kurosagi, Tokujou Kabachi!!); Tokyo Shounen poster
♥x12- Namie Amuro, BoA, SNSD
♥x13 -- Veronica Mars
&& o1 Mika Nakashima for KANEBO KATE wallpaper


Où est mon maître, le prince rebelle?Collapse )
23rd-Feb-2010 06:04 pm - ミ★ 87 icons
spn} a great thief
Experimented a bit with this batch.. I need to work on text. ^^;

♥x15 -- Dollhouse (Bennett Halverson)
♥x48 -- Merlin & Cast
♥x24 -- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

feels like yesterday.Collapse )
6th-Feb-2010 08:27 pm - ミ★ 130 icons; 01 header
tscc} an outake

A very girls-biased post this time~

♥x06 - BoA
♥x22;01 -- Girls' Generation (SNSD); Header
♥x24 -- Horikita Maki
♥x09;15 -- Kristen Bell; Veronica Mars
♥x18 -- Leighton Meester
♥x36 -- Summer Glau

leighton meesterPhotobucket

be cool, sodapop.Collapse )

10th-Jan-2010 05:58 pm - ミ★ 116 icons} merlin (series 2)
tsn/tgwtdt} stop &amp; rebuild your ruins
My latest TV addiction.. agh, and I have to wait 8-9 monthes for Series 3..

♥x116 -- Merlin (Series 2)


two sides of the same coinCollapse )
tsn/tgwtdt} stop &amp; rebuild your ruins
The Kurosagi icons are not that great, just to warn you @_@;;

♥x56 -- BoA* (mainly album covers)
♥x12;01 -- Various K-Pop; Kara FO Banner
♥x39 -- Horikita Maki
♥17-- Kuroki Meisa
♥x31 -- Kurosagi
♥x02 -- NewS Headers


you can't always get what you want.Collapse )
8th-Nov-2009 10:45 am - ミ★ 142 icons
tsn/tgwtdt} stop &amp; rebuild your ruins
Not satisfied with most of this batch.. T_T

♥x04;03 -- Alexz Johnson; Header/FO/Wallpaper
♥x07 -- Instant Star (Album Covers)
♥x5;25;2 -- Gossip Girl; Cast (Leighton, Taylor)
♥x92 -- Merlin
♥x04 - The Sarah Jane Adventures (DT appearance)

secrets & magic.Collapse )
20th-Oct-2009 06:41 pm - ミ★ 93 icons
tsn/tgwtdt} stop &amp; rebuild your ruins
♥x07 -- Death Note Live Action
♥x36 -- Horikita Maki
♥x12 -- Various JE (NewS, KAT-TUN)
♥x04 -- Jung Ryeo Won
♥x12 -- Kuroki Meisa
♥x22 - Stock

she took the midnight train going anywhere.Collapse )
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